Automatic item check system!

Dear customers,


We would like to announce, that from now on, ZenMarket will use automatic item check system, which will automatically calculate item cost and domestic shipping, when you add an item to the cart.

Currently, the system is employed for the items from Rakuten, Surugaya, Disney Store , Zozotown, Yellowfish, Yodobashi, Kapital and some more!

Pros of the system

Before, item check was performed manually by the customer support.

Due to this, customers had to wait, sometimes for a few hours, before it was possible to make a payment.

Our new automatic system solves this problem, because the calculation is very fast, and the items are available for purchase within seconds after adding to the cart.

Limitations of the system and important things to note

- International shipping is not included in the price. We will be able to calculate international shipping only after the items reach our warehouse.

- The automatic system can't distinguish between items that can be internationally shipped, and those that can't be shipped. We kindly ask our customers to check, whether the item can be shipped, before making an order. You can always ask this to our customer support as well.

If a prohibited article was added to the cart, our purchase manager will cancel it before the purchase, and refund payment to your balance.

- In rare cases, sometimes calculated item cost and domestic shipping might be wrong.

In this case, purchase manager will correct the cost during the purchase.

- In rare cases, our automatic system might be unable to calculate the cost. In this case, your order will be checked manually as before, so it might take some time.

- In case you write a comment about the item, regardless of its contents, the item will be checked manually. Please use this option, in case you wish for your item to be checked manually.

News| 10/08/2016 |