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【Mizutori Original Japanese Geta】 Red with stripes and Beige, for Women / Black KCB-05 ストライプ・赤×ベージュ/黒
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Description du produit
Pretty Geta, red and beige striped patterns with a French taste! An elegant style mixing several influences to match Japanese and Western styles.
The sandals have a mahogany lacquer finish, giving a tasteful mirror effect.
Strap (surface): Cotton
Strap (inner): *
Strap junction material: Polyester

[Available Sizes]

[Weights and Measures]
Heel height: 6.5cm
Weight (For one pair): SS~430g/S~450g/M~470g/L~500g/LL~550g
※As the products are handmade, there may be slight variations.

“hitete 6.5" Series
Geta with heels for easy walking
The popularity of this series comes from the great walking comfort for your feet as well as enhancing them thanks to its 6.5 cm heels. It is your silhouette that is sublimated.
Our “Comfort Guarantee” points
The characteristics of this Geta is the slight abrading of its wood so that the foot fits perfectly fitting to the comfortably padded strap.
Point 1: The shape of the wood for your toes
The shape of the wood worked at the tip of the feet helps the perfect insertion of the toes in symbiosis with the straps.
Point 2: The joining point of the straps
This central element is cushioned, which helps prevent slipping and provides a soft touch for your feet.
Point 3: Structure of the strap
The strap is very soft, thanks to its padding. It is designed to perfectly embrace the contour of your feet.
Point 4: Woodworking for the arch of the foot
The meticulous work of the wood allows a comfortable fit to your arch.
Point 5: Natural wooden materials
The one-grain wood looks luxurious and inspires elegance. The more you use it, the better the patina. Mizutori uses Mahogany and sapele wood.
Point 6: The outsole
Synthetic rubber is used and you can easily change it at your shoemaker.
The more you use the sandals, the more comfortable they become! Can also be used with adapted socks.
○ As the wood is natural, the color and appearance may vary very slightly from the pictures. The colors may also change according to the settings of your screen.
○ The products are handmade, so the size and shape of the heel may also differ.
○The Geta is a high-quality and sensitive object. Shocks and scratches can mark them. Use them carefully.
○Do not leave near fire or heater for too long, do not soak in water.
※Mizutori's products are handmade, the height and shape of the heel may differ slightly from the indications.

【Mizutori, Original Japanese Geta】

The Geta, these traditional wooden shoes whose pleasant sound reverberate in the ears with the sound of the fireworks with which they are often associated. The Japanese dressed in Kimono, the reflections of the incandescent multicolored powder in the sky as well as the Geta are the summit of the Japanese elegance on summer nights.
In 1988, Masashi Mizutori wanted his dream to become universal: Comfortable Geta, for all feet.
The fruit of a tradition, of a deep experience, the fusion of Western and traditional Japanese styles as well as the elegance that characterizes them accompanied by the possibility of making it an everyday garment are now the very heart of Mizutori and is inimitable.
Noble wood shoes have never been so comfortable.
What Mizutori guarantees:
- Handmade products made of natural wood
- Soft and respectful materials for your foot
- Ease of use
- Involvement in the use of responsible products and the planting of new trees.
- The temptation to want to wear them on every day
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