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Why Use ZenMarket?

  • Shop from all Japanese online stores
  • Combine multiple website orders into one shopping cart!
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  • Store items at our warhouse for up to 45 days for free!
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Who are we?

ZenMarket is a purchasing service for Japan. Also known as a proxy buyer, we allow you to buy goods from Japanese sites you otherwise wouldn't be able to use.

Company Profile
Buying a Boba Fett Samurai Figure from Japan via ZenMarket

A Single Shopping Cart for All Japanese Sites

Why Use A Proxy Service?

In addition to allowing you to buy from sites that are normally inaccessible, ZenMarket also simplifies the buying process by offering you a whole range of additional services as well as combining all your orders into one cart. No more risky drop-shipping or Made-in-China fakes. Shop Japan with piece of mind.

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How to buy

You can purchase dolls and many other products directly on our website. You are also able to copy and paste product URLs into our search bar from other stores!
The possibilities are endless.

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