The Secrets to a Stress-Free Camp


We go camping to feel free in the great outdoors, to escape the shackles of daily life.

So why settle for a regular sleeping bag that limits your freedom, and prevents you from doing even the smallest things?

The good news is, now you won't have to.

Say hello to Kleio, a sleeping bag with sleeves.

Find out how this premium gear from Japan can maximize your mobility and eliminate stress on every camping adventure you embark on!

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Secret #1: Free Your Hands

Now that you’re all warm and comfy inside your Kleio, here’s a small snippet of all the things you can easily do without ever having to take it off again:

  • Check what the weather will be like tomorrow from your phone
  • Confirm tomorrow’s hiking route with your trusty foldable map
  • Text good night to friends and family back home
  • Set your alarm clock so you never miss a minute of nature’s wonders
  • Put your earphones in and serenade yourself to sleep
  • Have a last swig of water
  • Scratch that itch on your nose...

Traditional sleeping bags restrict your mobility, preventing you from doing any of the above.

You'll never need to sacrifice convenience for warmth again!


Secret #2: Get Moving 

We can all attest to the fact that it’s near impossible to roll out of a warm, cozy bed on a cold winter’s morning. Going into semi-hibernation like that is all well and good for a weekend where you can stay in your PJs all day long, but not so much when it comes to an outdoor adventure.

You’ve come camping to leave the burden of daily life behind, if only for a short while! You’re here to explore the outdoors and enjoy your freedom!

Are you really going to remain trapped in your old sleeping bag and forfeit that freedom while the sun rises and the birds are singing?

Don’t worry — with the Kleio, you don’t have to.

A convenient rear button lets you prop up and hold the bottom of the sleeping bag in place, leaving you free to walk around as you please.

There’ll be no sack race here!

Secret #3: Two Birds, One Stone

A huge driver of stress in the great outdoors — sleeping bags in particular — is, quite literally, not having enough hands to go around.

With only two hands and a pair of shoulders on you, you’re going to want to be able to accomplish multiple things with the one piece of equipment wherever possible. Can’t go around carrying an entire room’s worth of luggage, after all!

A sleeping bag with sleeves that is also — for all intents and purposes — a down jacket to boot means you have one less bulky item of clothing to lug around out there in the wilderness.

The Kleio sleeping bag is a perfect example of the importance of practicality when it comes to outdoor gear and smooth, stress-free camping.



As Seen on YouTube!

Watch the wonderful Reutter family of Life in Japan fame take a cool khaki Kleio for a test drive in this wholesome video!

True to form, the Kleio offers both versatility and freedom. In fact, it's so
practical that it even works wonders at home!

Stay warm and comfy while you go about your day, indoors and out.

Special thanks to the Reutters for sharing a glimpse of their daily life!

Save 25% on this Sleeping Bag + Get 3% Cashback!

Save time and money when you buy direct from the ZenPlus marketplace on the ZenMarket website!

3% Cashback | No Fees | Instant Shipping Quotes | Instant Orders

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Brains Behind the Bag


Ogita Hemd, apparel manufacturer, has been in business for over 60 years — an impressive feat in the ever-changing world of fashion.

It strives to have a positive impact on society by making quality products based on “fresh, valuable ideas.” Having named, planned, and designed the Kleio sleeping bag, it's clearly doing a fantastic job.


NANGA is a huge name in the Japanese outdoor gear market. It's renowned for its AURORA line of sleeping bags and “Made in Japan” mantra.

Founded in 1941, the company actually gets its name from the Nanga Parbat mountain in the Himalayas — ninth highest summit in the world and recipient of the moniker Killer Mountain.

True to its namesake, it’s all about survival in the elements — no matter what.