Marvelous work by greatest Japanese artists on your passport.

This passport cover is a must have if you like Japanese art!

They have two designs incorporating Katsushika Hokusai’s art, one of the most famous artists in the Edo period not only in Japan but also around the world for his works of art depicting Mt. Fuji. He completed a series of 36 prints featuring Japan’s highest mountain.

One of them is called Aofuji - meaning “blue Mt. Fuji” with big waves and boats. We believe you might have seen it once. This drawing made a great impact to the world of art including Van Gogh, who applauded it.

The second one is Akafuji - meaning “red Mt. Fuji”, also very famous print in this series. The mountain sufrace gets reddish due to the ray of the sunrise but it’s rare to see.


The pictures above shows a Japanese passport inside the cover.

We recommend buying Aofuji if your passport is blue, Akafuji if it’s red.

From - Aofuji Akafuji

Review| 16/11/2016 | passportcase