Over 1 Million Yahoo Auctions!

Over 1 Million Yahoo Auctions Completed!


Since the establishment of ZenMarket in 2014, customers from all over the world have been using our service, and on September 28th, 2020, we set a record with the number of completed Yahoo Auction! transactions exceeding over 1 million!

This is all thanks to YOU! We would like to express our sincere gratitude to those of you that support us through your continued patronage, it means the world to us. 


What Does One Million Auctions Look Like?


  1. Total value of purchased products - 6.1 billion yen
  2. Total weight of shipped items - 750 tons
  3. The highest item bid - 5 million yen (Pokemon card)
  4. The heaviest product record so far - 91 kg (Gaming consoles)
  5. Monthly watchlist items -350,000
  6. Number of sellers worked with - 207,038
  7. Total number of bids - 3.46 million



It's an unimaginable record in terms of numbers, but we're happy to be able to deliver so much joy from Japan to our international customers over the six years since ZenMarket started.



Thank You


ZenMarket is a place where you can purchase valuable items that you may not normally have access to such as collection items, and other goods that are difficult to obtain. The Japanese market is constantly producing amazing new items and we don't see a limit to the almost infinite potential of demand for Japanese goods both domestically and internationally.

At Zenmarket, all our employees are committed to making every effort to further improve the support system to meet such demand, and we ask for your continued patronage.





Please feel free to follow us for continued updates on our progress. 


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