Shipping Parcels: Alternative Option

Following Japan Post's decision to fully or partially suspend SAL, EMS and Airmail in different regions across the world, ZenMarket will still be accepting packing requests and payments for all the destinations that were previously available before these shipping suspensions began.

For areas and users that are currently being affected by the suspension of postal services, but still wish to continue purchasing goods from Japan, ZenMarket will safely store packed parcels at our warehouse and shipped them to you as soon as Japan Post resumes their normal services.

We recommend that you either:

  1. Use currently available courier services to ship your parcels now.
  2. Store your items in packed parcels within our warehouse until shipping suspensions come to an end.

As of August 28, 2020, the ability to pay and store SAL packages will be suspended.

Click here for details.

Choosing one of these options will help to avoid any further delays after postal services resume their regular shipping operations.

News| 10/04/2020 | News