6 Presents For Fishing Lovers

Reel in the holiday with these excellent holiday presents for anglers. We’ve scoured the internet looking for the best presents, so you don’t have to. It doesn’t matter if you or your fishing enthusiast fishes from time to time or are a fishing pro, these items will satisfy the needs of every fishing lover. From bait sets to storage bags and new fishing reels, we have everything.

So let’s get started with the products we love this season!


1. A New Fishing Rod

This season we recommend the Shimano 19 Light Game BB. The lightweight design made of carbon material tightened with high power X makes it resistant to twisting. The reel seat uses a multi-perming seat with excellent grip, making it a versatile model for beginners and professionals alike.

Shimano 19 light game BB

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2. Fishing Storage Bag

 After using the Shimano 2019 Rod Rest Tackle Bag, there is no turning back. Although this storage box is on the pricer side of things, it is durable and extremely well made. It is so durable that you can sit down on it while your rods are resting in the holders attached to the side.

Shimano 2019 Rod Rest Tackle Bag Hard Blue

The most significant merit for us is the inner cases. As seen in the video, the top case is transparent, so you can easily see what is inside. Even if you want to place large equipment inside, it is easy to open and close the lid. 


The shoulder belt is easily adjustable so you can easily carry it comfortably in your hands, and the bottom has a non-slip surface so it can withstand rough seas. The Shimano Rod Rest Tackle Bag is a perfect companion for any angler. 


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3. Fishing Apparel

 Japanese Fishing Gear Gifts

These fashionable yet convenient fishing clothing will make a fantastic gift for any fisher. Protect yourself, family member, or best friend from harsh weather throughout the year with the best Japanese fishing wear. Most of these clothes come in different sizes, but we recommend to size up as some Japanese clothes can be a little small for more information about the best Japanese fishing gear article. 


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4. A Fishing Hat

There’s no better time to time to go fishing when the sun is out, and there are no clouds in the sky, but unfortunately, this means being under full sun exposer. During the winter, when the sun rays aren’t as harmful, there is rain, snow, and strong winds. This is why we recommend getting your best friend or family member a hat or cap this holiday season. 

Japanese fishing hats

Regular hats and caps aren’t sufficient when protecting yourself when out fishing, but Japanese fishing brands like Shimano and Daiwa have designed the best hats specifically for anglers. There are lots of color options for both men and women to keep and versatility for all seasons and conditions.


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5. Lure Sets

Picking the perfect lure for a special someone is hard work, so we suggest gifting them a set. Whether your angler fishes for bass or trout, you need to make sure you get them the right bait for the job. If you know the person you’re looking to buy for fishes in deeper waters, you don’t want to get them a topwater popper and don’t get a dippy diver for someone who likes to fish in shallow waters. 

Japanese lure sets for gifts

So if you’re looking for the best lure sets, we recommend these Japanese fishing baits that everyone should keep in their tackle box. 


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6. Essential Kits

If your special someone hasn’t fished in a while or is about to start getting into fishing, then we recommend getting them a crucial kit. No matter their motivation, they need to be prepared to go fishing. This involves more than just heading down to your local fishing shop and getting the cheapest tackle. 

Every angler needs to be acquainted with the basic and essential items to get the nack of fishing. With fishing kits, it doesn’t matter what kind of budget you have. You can easily get the best basic fishing tackle without breaking your back with a Japanese essential kit. 

Japanese fishing kits for beginners and pros

Although every kit is different, expect to find some of these essentials included, fishing rods, reels, hooks, fishing line, lures, and much more. 


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We hope you found what you were looking for in this gift guide for fishing lovers. For even more Japanese fishing tackle, check out our dedicated page by clicking the banner.

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Happy Holidays from all the ZenPlus team.


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Article| 26/11/2019 | fishingzenplus