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The 6 Best Retro Mini Japanese Consoles

Retro gaming consoles are far from disappearing. The experience of playing video games today is entirely different from what it was a few years ago. We can now play in 4K, VR, and multiplayer networks allow you to compete against people from all over the world. But who doesn’t miss playing Tekken on PS1 or Donkey Kong on the Game Boy? These games may not have the best graphics, storylines, or gameplay like video games today, but they are some of the most unforgettable.

If you have great memories playing with consoles like the PlayStation, Gameboy, or SNES, then you’re in the right place. In this blog, we will present to you our Top 6 Best Retro Mini Japanese Consoles. And you know the best thing about it? All of these consoles are available on ZenPlus.


1. Super Famicom Mini (SNES)


In 2017, Nintendo released a mini version of the original SNES. The Super Nintendo Classic Edition includes 21 preloaded classic games like Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Kart, and Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem. Which one excites you the most?

Japanese Super Famicom Mini

As it is a lot smaller than the original version, it makes it easier to take it anywhere you go and play with your friends on a monitor. Nintendo has done an excellent job with the gameplay and making it equally as great as the original. You can even play in HD, which makes the experience that little more special. 


Browse Super Famicom on ZenPlus



2. PlayStation Classic


Like Nintendo, Sony launched its PlayStation Classic last year, a mini version of the legendary PlayStation of the 90s.

Japanese PlayStation Classic

Similar to the SNES Mini the PlayStation Classic comes with 20 great preloaded games. The English version included titles like Grand Theft Auto or Rayman. But the Japanese PlayStation Classic has a much better line-up of games and includes fantastic titles such as Armored Core, G-Darius, and Parasite Eve. The menus, controls, and graphics live up to everything you remember when playing the original in the past.

Considering that the PS4 doesn’t support backward compatibility, it is nice to know that you can play Armored Core again.


Browse PlayStation Classic on ZenPlus



3. Game Boy


Earlier this year (2019) in April, the original Game Boy turned 30! That’s right, Nintendo launched the Game Boy in 1989 and revolutionized the video game industry with a handheld device that can be played anywhere, even on the toilet. 

Gameboy turns 30

With titles like Cave Noir, Rockman World I - IV, and Mario’s Picross II it’s impossible not to treasure the hours played on the original Game Boy. For many of us at ZenPlus, some of our best memories are playing with the Game Boy with our friends at school.

After the success of Nintendo’s other classic mini consoles, there are rumors that Nintendo is going to be releasing a modernized version of the original Game Boy. But with the Switch Lite coming out later this year, what do you think? Would you prefer Nintendo to just make the games playable for Nintendo Online users?

But if you can’t wait, and miss spending hours hunting Pokemon or facing puzzles on your Game Boy, you can still get an original and games through ZenPlus. 

 Limited Edition Japanese Pikachu Game Boy Color from the Pokemon Center

If you don’t feel like purchasing a separate Japanese Game Boy to import games. The Game Boy Color is a perfect little console for you as it’s region free and the cartridges are small and cheap. So what games do we recommend? Here are a few that come to mind Pokemon Trading Card Game, Game Boy Wars 3, and Koto Battle: Tengai no Moribito.


Browse Game Boy Goods on ZenPlus


4. Sega Mega Drive Mini


If you miss Sega consoles as much as us, then there is no better option for you. Not only does this classic console have more games than we were initially promised, but you can also play original games that you own and use your beloved controllers. The Sega Genesis Mega Drive Mini is a new gold standard when it comes to retro all-in-one consoles.

Japanese Sega Mega Drive Mini

While each region around the world gets its own variant of this amazing console, the Japanese version comes with six-button controllers perfect for playing Street Fighter II. Japan also gets an extra option for a more affordable package that includes only one controller. 

Japanese games on the Sega MEga Drive Mini

As like most retro gaming consoles, Japan always has a better line-up, and the Sega Genesis Mega Drive does not disappoint. With lots of region exclusive games such as Dyna Brothers 2, Lord Monarch, and Puyo Puyo 2. You’ll never get bored with these nostalgic 42 titles.


Browse Sega Mega Drive on ZenPlus


5. Famicom Classic Mini


Possibly the console with the most history on our list and certainly one of our favorites. As the best-selling gaming console of its time, and helped to revitalize the gaming industry as we know it today. Just like the original, the Famicom Classic Mini helped mark the way for the modern retro gaming industry.

Japanese Famicom Mini Classic Console

In 2016, Nintendo launched a modernized version including a bunch of nostalgic preloaded games including Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, and Solomon’s Key. Sadly, Nintendo decided to stop selling this console shortly after releasing it due to such high-demand but started to resell it again in Japan in 2018. 

Although most of these games are now available for Nintendo Online users on the Switch, there is nothing like owning one of these treasures.

Nintendo Famicom Jump Gold Edition

Also for all you Nintendo collectors or Shonen Jump fans, you can get your hands on a rare gold Famicom Mini. The glitzy device is pre-loaded with a selection of amazing licensed games that feature your favorite characters who have been in Shonen Jump over the decades.


Browse Famicom on ZenPlus





Who hasn’t dreamed of playing SNK games in their living room? Well, now thanks to the NEOGEO Mini it is possible. Last year, the prestigious Japanese brand decided to follow the retro mini console trend to celebrate its 40th anniversary and the outcome did not disappoint.

Neogeo mini

The NEOGEO Mini is preloaded with 40 classic titles that will delight any gamer. With games like Samurai Shodown, Art of Fighting and Last Blade, on this great looking classic console, there’s no way that you’ll get bored. You can either play using the buttons and joystick attached to the console, or plugin a NEOGEO controller. If you’re having difficulties playing on the tiny 3.5” screen, don’t fret, similarly to other classic consoles, you can connect it with an HDMI cable to a screen or television to play on a massive screen.

ZenPlus works directly with SNK to bring you the hottest Japanese releases before they hit a global audience. For more information about our official SNK international store, check out our blog post here.


Browse NEOGEO Mini on ZenPlus


So, that’s our current favorite retro Japanese consoles to hit the market recently. But we are sure there are many more to come soon. Which console do you hope they release soon? We’re hoping for a Dreamcast classic! Let us know through our social networks below, we can’t wait to hear from you all.


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Article| 14/08/2019 | zenplusToysgaming