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The Best Japanese Pet Products To Get

We love our pets here at ZenMarket and we’ll take any excuse we can get to spoil them silly! Whether it’s dog grooming tools or cat clothes, we’ve put together a list of our best and favorite pet products you should get from Japan to pamper your furbabies. Wondering why Japan is one of the best places to get high-quality and unique pet products? Japanese people are well-known for going to great lengths to take care of their pets, so there are tons of products to cater to them!



1. Disney-themed Pet Products

Buy Disney-themed Pet Products on ZenMarket!

As if your pet couldn’t get any cuter! There are a slew of Disney-themed pet products that you can get for your furbaby, from adorable outfits like Minnie Mouse to pet beds, food bowls and more. The wonderful thing is there are tons of franchises to shop, such as Pixar, Winnie the Pooh and even Chip ‘n’ Dale!


We’re not sure about you, but we’re definitely going ahead and picking up a whole set of Star Wars-themed products for our pets.


Buy Disney Pet Products


2. Neko-jasuri Cat Grooming Brush



You’ve probably heard about the LICKI brush, a cat brush that allows you to groom your cat as though you are a cat. If you’re not keen to hold a brush in your mouth and mimic brushing your furkitty, then maybe you’d like the neko-jasuri brush. Manufactured by Wataoka, purveyors of bespoke nail files in Hiroshima, the neko-jasuri is a beautiful, functional pet grooming tool. The grooves are inspired by a cat’s tongue, so your kitty will not just love the sensation of the brushing, but it will so effectively groom their fur!


We’d also like to mention that it won a Good Design Award, which is more reassurance that this is an aesthetic yet useful product.


Buy Neko-jasuri Cat Grooming Brush


3. Oppo Quack Dog Muzzle

Buy Oppo Quack Dog Muzzle on ZenMarket

No one likes to muzzle their dog, but unfortunately, sometimes, we have to. Whether it’s to stop our precious furbabies from chewing on random things in the park, snapping at passers-by, or barking, a muzzle comes in handy. But instead of using a traditional muzzle, we’d recommend the Oppo Quack. The Quack muzzle gives your dog a duckbill, which is not just adorable (if you’re into making your doggy look like a duck) but is more comfortable for your pet. It allows them to breathe easier, drink water, and fits nicely due to the silicone material.


There are several versions of the Quack muzzle to fit the size of your dog. There is also a “closed” version, which has a narrower opening, and a “face” version, which is for dogs that have a flatter snout as well as cats.


Buy Oppo Quack Dog Muzzles


4. DHC Pet Vitamins and Supplements

Buy DHC Pet Supplements on ZenMarket

You’ve probably heard of DHC -- they’re famous for being one of Japan’s leading beauty and skincare brands. However, they’re also one of the country’s leading producers of health supplements. The great news is, they make these supplements not just for humans, but also for pets. That means cat and dog vitamins! You can now live your healthiest life alongside your furbabies.


DHC uses all-natural ingredients, and with Japan’s strict quality control and stringent testing, you can rest assured knowing these products are safe. There are supplements for joint ache, stomach problems, maintaining healthy coats and more. However, before giving these to your pets, we advise you to check with a vet.


Buy DHC Pet Supplements


5. Kitan Club Cat Hats



We absolutely love the Kitan Club cat hats (or dogs, if yours has a tinier head). There are so many different collections that you will easily be able to find one that you love. These are usually found in Gachapon (capsule) machines in Japan, but you can actually buy entire sets for cheaper on Amazon Japan.


Some of our favorite sets include the Pokemon collection, the Candy collection, and the Fruit collection. If you are having difficulty choosing which of these Japanese cat hats to get for your cat, you can try our quiz here.


Buy Cat Hats


6. pecolo Elevated Food Bowls

 Buy pecolo Elevated Pet Bowls on ZenMarket

Everyone loves a good elevated food bowl, and we’re big fans of pecolo’s. These food bowls are of impeccable quality, with earthenware bowls and a stainless steel stand. They come in different heights, depending on the need of your pet, so it’s much easier to customize than many one-size-fits-all elevated bowls that exist on the market.


The jury is still out on whether elevated food bowls are actually good for pets. It is said that it is better for cats to eat elevated because it aids in their digestion to eat in a more natural position, and reduces strain on their neck. For dogs, however, it depends on their individual health needs. If your dog has neck aches or other problems, then an elevated bowl might be necessary. As we always say, if in doubt, do your research and consult a vet!


Buy pecolo Elevated Food Bowls


7. Pet Clothes

Buy Pet Clothes on ZenMarket

Who said costumes are for Halloween? These pet costumes are way too cute to only be brought out in October! Whether you’re looking to dress your pupper up as Totoro or class your kitty up in a kimono, odds are, Japan has a costume for it. The Japanese love dressing their pets up, and the market for pet clothes reflect that. These aren’t just for keeping your pets warm (though there are some sweaters if you’re looking for that), but to really bring out their personalities!


You will find a lot of dog clothes in the listings, but many of the clothes are for smaller dog breeds and thus tend to also fit cats, if you can somehow wrangle your kitty into a costume…


Buy Pet Clothes


8. Ciao Cat Treats


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If you enjoy following cats on Instagram, then you’re probably familiar with Ciao Churu sticks. These tasty snacks are every cat’s favorite snack and are easily one of the most popular Japanese cat treats. While you might be able to find these treats in your country, the variety, quantity, and price that you can get in Japan are unbeatable. There are close to 20 different flavors that you can find, from chicken to fish to other types of seafood.

Buy Ciao Cat Treats on ZenMarket!

Churu sticks can be fed directly to kitties straight from the tube, or you can pour it into a bowl. It’s an adorable lickable treat for cats! In addition to churu sticks, Ciao also produces other types of cat treats. If our staff’s cats are to be believed, these are also huge hits. If your cats are fans of the churu sticks, then you should definitely pick up some of Ciao’s other treats. We’d recommend these.

Note: Typically, pet food can only be imported via postal services (not courier). Please check with your country’s customs to confirm that you can import pet food into the country before purchasing.


Buy Ciao Cat Treats


9. Oppo Dog Bowl

Buy OPPO Dog Ball on ZenMarket!

Is your dog wolfing down his meal? While it might seem adorable that your pooch is inhaling his dinner, it can actually be incredibly dangerous as eating too quickly can cause your dog to throw up, or worse, choke. The OPPO Dog Bowl is designed to help dogs eat at a healthier pace. The bowl is shaped like a ball, which makes it move around when your dog is eating, while inner grooves help to ration food portions. 


There are many interactive pet feeders on the market, but the OPPO Dog Bowl is one of our favorites. It is gorgeous, making it a mainstay in our homes, comes in many colors, and is also easy to disassemble and clean. 


Buy OPPO Dog Bowl


10. Necoichi Nail Clippers

Buy Necoichi Nail Clippers on ZenMarket!

Nail clippers seem like a rather mundane thing to put on this list, but a good nail trim is essential for any kitty. Short of going to a professional groomer or a vet every few weeks, investing in a good set of nail clippers is the best way to ensure your cat’s nails are kept in check. If you’re thinking of using human nail clippers, do remember that those can cause your cat’s nails to split. 


Our cat nail clipper of choice is Necoichi’s, which has high-quality stainless steel blades forged in Japan. It also has much thinner blades, making it safer to use. The non-slip handles also allow you to have a firm grip while trimming your cat’s nails! 


Buy Necoichi Nail Clippers



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