Unleash Your Inner Child With New Pokemon Shirts

Going to work just became more exciting! Original Stitch, makers of fine Japanese dress shirts, have teamed up with Pokemon to release exclusive, customizable shirts perfect for any occasion. Did we mention they have a design for all the original 151 Kanto Pokemon? That’s right! They’ve got everything from Pikachu to Omanyte, so you can wear your favorites.

There are a few options for customization, depending on how much you want to show your love for your favorite Pocket Monster (or how conservative your office is…). You can have an entire shirt splashed with Pikachu, or just have Charmander hanging out on your pocket and collar.

Pokemon Shirts ZenMarket
If like us, you struggle to pick just one design, you can actually combine Pokemon on your custom shirt! They accept up to 6 designs on one shirt, so the possibilities are truly infinite. For example, you could decide you want to mix up Jigglypuff with Magikarp, or Slowbro and Golem, for some magnificent masterpieces.  

Original Stitch Pokemon Shirts ZenMarket
These classy yet adorable Pokemon designs are sure to be the envy of all your colleagues! If you would like to customize a shirt, Original Stitch will start officially accepting orders in late February. However, there will be a preview flash sale on 26th January until 28th January, where 20 shirt designs will be on sale on their website. Each shirt will set you back JPY10,000, so start saving up!


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Article| 23/01/2019 | Pop culture