4 Limited Edition Plushies You Must Get This Valentine’s Day 2019


The season of love is almost upon us! Whether you are looking to score points with your partner, show a friend how much you appreciate them, or just want to treat yourself, we have the solution: plush animals. From the classic teddy bear to other adorable stuffed animals, plushies have been the valentine’s day gift of choice for years. You can’t go wrong with our curated list of the most adorable Valentine’s Day plushies you absolutely must get this February 14!

1. Disney Valentine 2019 Collection

Disney Japan Valentine's Day Plushie

Disney Japan always releases wonderful collections every holiday, and Valentine’s Day is no different. They have three new plushies this year, all of which feature two classic Disney characters enclosed within a heart. These plushies would make great valentine gifts for almost anyone -- Mickey and Minnie are perfect for the loved-up couple, and Winnie and Piglet a sweet gift for a best buddy.

The collection also includes mugs, keychains, and other exciting products, so we’re sure you’ll find something you love!

Disney Japan Valentines Day
2. Pokemon

Pokemon Plushie Pikachu Pillow

Is anyone surprised that the Pokemon Center has a Valentine’s-Day-themed plushie? Featuring the beloved Pikachu and Eevee sitting in a plush pink heart, this gift is such a unique valentine plushie that even non-Pokemon fans will love it! The Pikachu’s Sweet Treats series also has a couple of Valentine’s Day-themed merchandise that we’d recommend picking up. There’s a snuggly heart-shaped cushion, mug, and more, all with the same adorable design.

Pokemon Lip Balm Valentines Day

Outside the plushie realm, there is a fruity candy lip gloss series that would be just perfect. You can get either the Pikachu, Snorlax, Jigglypuff or Eevee versions, but they’re so cute, we have no idea how you would choose just one. Get ‘em all, we say!


3. Sanrio x Godiva

Sanrio Godiva Hello Kitty My Melody

Belgian chocolatiers Godiva have teamed up with Sanrio to release several limited edition plushie and chocolate pairings! Hello Kitty and My Melody sets are available, and they come with different flavors of delectable Godiva chocolates -- chocolate hazelnut for Hello Kitty, and milk chocolate for My Melody. If you prefer to carry these adorable plushies around, there are smaller, keychain versions available (that are slightly cheaper, so win-win!). Sanrio Godiva Keystrap

4. Duffy


Did you know that the Tokyo Disney Resorts sometimes release exclusive merchandise? Tokyo DisneySea has just debuted the exclusive Duffy Heartwarming Days 2019 set, which can only be bought at the park.

Disney Duffy Valentines Day Plushie

While the set does not feature actual plush toys (you will have to purchase those separately), it comes with such charming clothes that we could not resist adding it to this list. Just look at Duffy, ShellieMay, Gelatoni and Stella Lou in their cute outfits!

Don't like the idea of buying plushies and clothes separately? There are tons of other products you could pick up! There are pillows, key straps, plush bags and so many items that you’d be spoiled for choice. Disney Duffy Valentines Day MerchandiseIf you cannot travel to Tokyo DisneySea to pick these up, don’t worry! You can order them via Amazon Japan via ZenMarket.


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Article| 09/01/2019 | Pop cultureToys