5 Handy Japanese Products for Every Day



How many times have you gone to wipe your hands on a towel in the bathroom and found it to be wet, with a bit of a mildew smell? Any time you’re home for more than 8 hours this normally occurs at least once, and if you’re having a party that towel will be gross faster than you’d care to think about. While you don’t want to install a hand dryer into your bathroom, you might want something in the very least to cut down on the sheer amount of bacteria that you may or may not be wiping your hands on.

If you want to touch a freshly dried towel every time you wash up, then this UV Towel Dryer Hanger can make that possible. Just hang your towel down the centre of a plastic circle inside of which there is a UV light, and a fan that will help speed up the drying process. The UV is on a 20 minutes timer, while the fan can run for about 5 hours.

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Towel 7



Are you tired of trying to squeeze those obnoxious spring clips on your flexible dryer holder, or frustrated that it won't stay put on the table? The clamp hair dryer saves time styling, drying and straightening your hair.

Designed to fit virtually all hair dryers, the clamp that gives Clamp Hair Dryer Holder its name will grab onto any table/desk surface and its flexible 65cm/25.5" arm will bend to any angle to help you dry your hair in the most convenient and comfortable way. Easy to set up and easy to use, the Clamp Hair Dryer Holder will really make your everyday life a cinch and help your hair look as good as if you've just been to the hairdressers!

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That USB port on your PC is not just for connecting USB flash drives or USB data cables. It can also power some mini gadgets. A washing machine to clean small objects like glasses, waterproof watch, keys, etc. Just add some water, detergent (optional), and let it rip. The mini washing machine can be powered by both USB and 4 AAA batteries. A small and simple device you'll end up using all the time!

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 Japanese electronics conglomerate Panasonic just showed off a prototype of its tabletop calorie counter dubbed CaloRieco. All you have to do is pop a plate of food into the microwave-sized device, press a button on the lid, and 10 seconds later you'll get an overall calorie count of your meal. As well as people hoping to lose weight, the product is also aimed at those with diabetes and other diet-affected health conditions. The scanner stores nutritional data, and Panasonic hopes that eventually it will be able to suggest recipes according to users' needs.



 Sharp Corp has developed a compact "bite counter" that can be hung from one's ear.

Existing bite counters used for medical purposes, etc can count the number of bites with a high accuracy. However, they require users to attach a large device to the chin, head, etc. On the other hand, the Bitescan is so small and light in weight that it can be hung from an ear, making it possible to count the number of bites with ease.

The new bite counter measures the number of bites, speed, etc based on, for example, vibration on the back side of an ear at the time of biting. Measurement results can be checked with a smartphone.

These are only some of the new trending items for this year. Which inventions from our list surprised you the most?


Article| 14/02/2018 | Japanese Culture