Quality Hinoki Cypress Stationery That You Will Love

Quality Hinoki Cypress Stationery

Traditional Japanese architecture is known for its preciseness, long-lasting structures and design in harmony with nature.
What has made traditional Japanese architecture possible is hinoki(檜/桧) cypress.


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It’s known for the outstanding qualities as lumber: 
It’s not only quite easy to process, but the durability is said to last for 1,000 years. Moreover, it smells incredibly soothing as if you were in woods.

Hōryū-ji Temple(法隆寺), a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Kyoto, was made of hinoki lumber 1,300 years ago, and still stands as one of the greatest architectural achievements of Japan.

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Hōryū-ji Temple( Photo by (c)Tomo.Yun, http://www.yunphoto.net )


Hinoki is also perfect as material for furniture and other daily items.
Bed and tables made of Hinoki are quite popular, and lots of plates, cups and utensils are also available. Such as this:

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Tema-hima Kobo Hinoki Tokkuri Cup Set (View Product)


However, what we recommend is stationery, especially luxury ballpoint pens.

Pens made of hinoki are smooth to write with and easy to handle. They last a lifetime, and grow with natural beauty as years pass by.
Having different wood grains from one another, they are not only great as your personalized writing instruments, but also make perfect gifts for someone special.


1:   Mitsubishi Jetstream Patriot Hinoki (View Product)

Mitsubishi Jetstream - Proxy service - ZenMarket

Jetstream Mitsubishi - Proxy service - ZenMarket

Simple but sophisticated. This pen is made of renowned kiso hinoki, the type of hinoki used for Horyuji Temple, Himeji Castle(姫路城), and many other historic Japanese buildings.


2:   Hida Goki Pen, Yellow (View Product)

Hida Goki Pen - Proxy service - ZenMarket

Hida Goki - Proxy service - ZenMarket

The beautiful curvy silhouette was made possible by the expertise of a quality Japanese-brush craftsman. It’d be fantastic to give someone one of this as a present!


3:   Rainbow Sunburst Hinoki Ball Pen (View Product)

Rainbow sunburst - Proxy service - ZenMarket

Rainbow - Proxy service - ZenMarket

You must’ve ever seen lots of colorful ball pens, but this one would be most gorgeous both internally(made of kiso hinoki) and externally.
(If out of stock, available here)



Want a pen stand? Here is a very unique one, of course made of Hinoki!

Fish-Shaped pen - Proxy service - ZenMarket

Fish-shaped Pen Stand of Hinoki (View Product)

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Article| 02/12/2017 | Japanese Culture