Which Kawaii Character is your Perfect Match?

It's Sanrio and San-X's Speed Date Night! Unfortunately, none of their popular characters could make it, but luckily for you, there are lots of cute lesser-known characters to meet! Which kawaii character is your perfect match?
Article | 10/05/2019 | Zenpopquiz

Do You Know How To Use ZenMarket Quiz (Answers!)

Need help with our Do You Know How To Use ZenMarket quiz? We explain the answers here!
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Do You Know How To Use ZenMarket?

How much do you really know how to use ZenMarket? Test your knowledge with our quiz! Who knows, you might get just a little bonus if you do well enough!
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What Hat Best Represents Your Cat’s True Personality?

If you’ve been looking for the latest and cutest in pet fashion, look no further! Kitan Club, purveyors of mini figures usually found in gachapon machines, has been pushing out collection after collection of the most adorable cat hats.
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[Quiz] What J-Fashion Style Are You?

There are lots of different J-fashion styles, but which one are you? Find out in our quiz.
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What Japanese Mascot Am I?

What Yuru-kyara Am I?
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