Take care of your feet.
Review| 05/01/2017 | SocksJapanese makerMade in Japan

TOP 10 best things to collect in Japan

The review of things you might want to buy in Japan and collect.
Review| 11/11/2016 | TOP-10万年筆日本製Made in Japan美少女figurineNendoroidOne PieceBE@RBRICK

Superior Labor

Superior Labor is a Japanese brand of casual and denim clothing, as well as popular manufacturer of bags and leather accessories

How to buy goods from DHC store

DHC is a large corporation, which specializes on cosmetics, supplements, health foods etc. It manufactures and sell it's items to various online and offline stores. It has its own online store, which is cheap and easy to use.
Review| 17/03/2016 | SupplementDHCMade in JapanChemistryFree shipping

How to buy clothes from Zozotown

ZOZOTOWN is one of the biggest fashion online shopping websites in Japan, where you can buy a hundred of clothes, bags or accessories.

Air vase - A paper bowl that envelops air. You can freely change it shape

Beautiful, bright air vases from Japanese designers can become a great idea for birthdays presents.

Review| 08/09/2015 | idea for giftsMade in Japan

[Made in Japan] Cool sneaker brand

"Spingle Move" is a sneaker brand, which manufactures their shoes in Japan.
Review| 05/09/2015 | shoesMade in Japancool