Cheers with Mount Fuji!

From ancient times, there is a countless number of various works with Mount Fuji as motif.

Nowadays, this tradtion still continues, and some of the new items are really fresh and surprising.

The "FUJI ON THE ROCK 2" might soon become one of such items.

The point of this item is that you can turn ice when drinking whisky or other alcohol, into Mount Fuji itself.

Not only the shape is similar to Fuji, but due to unique structure, the ice is divided into white and transparent parts、which beautifully recreates the snow cover, characteristic of the mountain.

The shape changes differently everytime, so it wont let you get bored, and would become a perfect item for home parties♪

Your friends will like it!


1,296 yen (tax incl.)


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Review| 06/12/2016 | Mount FujiJapanBeautiful itemCreative