Lactic acid bacteria supplement
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This product contains about 100 billion of lactic acid bacteria, the amount which otherwise you can get by consuming ten cups of yoghurt! It is made in a form of a snack with a yoghurt taste, so you can maintain a good health enjoying a nice flavour.

Recommended daily intake: 2 tablets (energy: 1.53kcal, protein: 0.02g, fat: 0.01g, carbohydrates: 0.35g, sodium: 0.44mg; 100 billion faecalis bacteria, 100 million spore lactic acid bacteria, 160 million Labelle bacteria, 200 million bifidobacteria).
Contents: 62 tablets.

Components: maltitol, lactose, isomaltooligosaccharide, spore lactic acid bacteria, lactic acid bacteria powder (sterilized lactic acid bacteria, dextrin), bifidobacteria powder (dextrin, sterilized bifidobacteria), lactic acid bacteria powder (starch hydrolyzate, sterilized lactic acid bacteria), crystalline cellulose, calcium stearate, silicon dioxide, citric acid, flavors, sweeteners (sucralose, acesulfame potassium).

Store in a cool and dark place, avoid direct sunlight, hot and humid places.
Make sure that the lid is firmly closed during the storage, eat the tablet as soon as possible after taking it out of the package.
Please stop usage if you feel that the product does not fit you.
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