Hair dryer Panasonic NANOCARE EH-NA97
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One of the best dryers from one of the best manufacturers of electronics in the world!
In addition to ordinary "drying" function, this hair dryer has several important cosmetic effects, which make it so popular.

1. Protection against ultraviolet light.
The dryer provides protection and care for your hair against ultraviolet rays due to implemented NANOE and double-mineral functions.

2. NANOE is a technology that uses negative ions. It effectively treats your hair during drying process.
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3. Ion charge PLUS technology makes above-mentioned technologies even more effective.

4. Quite a few operational modes to choose from.

All these features helped the product to be chosen to be enshrined at hall of fame of Best Cosmetic Awards in 2015.


Power supply system: alternating current system

Main body measurements: height 22.3 × width 20.7 × depth 8.9 cm

Mass: approximately 575g (without set nozzle)

Battery AC100V 50-60Hz

How much will it cost?
The limit of weight of package is kg