Yomogi Mugwort Heat Pad (6 pc set)
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Heating pads is a unique product for women’s wellness which rapidly has become super popular in Japan and other countries.
Simply placing a heating pad into your underwear will provide soothing and heating effects on your pelvis.
Special element made of natural Japanese mugwort yomogi is safe and effective.
These pads are perfect for ladies who get cold easily. Mild heating effect around pelvis also helps to relax and reduce uncomfortable feeling before upcoming period.

Using a Yomogi Mugwort Heat Pad is a safe and smart idea for fighting unpleasant chills.

The Yomogi Mugwort Heat Pads features and use instructions

● 6 mugwort pads and heating elements
● Shake the heating element 4-5 times and then place inside a mugwort pad. Attach to your underwear using a seal
● Make sure to use a pad, heating element must not contact with your skin directly.
● Not for sanitary purpose. Please do not use during your period.
● Keep in cool dry place, out of reach of direct sunlight. Keep away from children.
● Use right after package opening.
● Instructions: Japanese
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