DHC Lip cream
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Our lips are covered with a thin mucosa, which is making them very sensitive. It requires some special care. "DHC lip cream", which is containing of olive oil, aloe extract, liquorice derived substances and vitamin E, prevents dryness of the lips, moisturizes and gently protects them.

This cream does not have taste or smell; it is making lips shine throughout the day.

Components which were used in creation of cream, are having properties that are the most similar to natural mucous membrane, thus moisturizing cream is steady and retains a sense of natural care on the lips.

This cream creates a soft protective cover that moisturizes lips and keeps them glitter during the day. It can be applied over on the usual lipstick. Applying over lipstick makes its color brighter and covers it with a protective membrane.

Application: Apply on the surface of the lips until the appearance of moisturizing effect.

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