SLIM UP SLIM Enzyme + super food shake matcha latte
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Enzyme + super food shake matcha latte

Maker: Asahi Group Foods
Brand name: Slim up Slim

Super food containing of an activated enzyme and Japanese green tea (matcha) latte.
Activated enzyme contained in cereals fermentation extract powder with addition of Japanese green tea cultivated around Uji. Modestly sweet powdered green tea tastes good for daily drink without getting tired of it.
1 dose (45g) collagen 5,000mg, soy protein, dietary fiber 8,300mg, hyaluronic acid + CoQ10; contains 11 kinds of vitamin and minerals, such as beauty composition lactic acid bacteria (R). The supplement contains of 47 kinds of ingredients.
• 1 dose (3 spoons: of 45g) is 154kcal.

How to drink:
1. Beauty maintaining plan (51 ~ 103 kcal)
Please mix well measuring spoon 1-2 tablespoons of the accompanying and water (about 85 ~ 170cc).
2. One meal replacement plan (154kcal)
Please mix well measuring spoon 3 cups of attachment and water (about 250cc).

How much will it cost?
The limit of weight of package is kg