It is good to have some tiny things to make us smile every new day.

Someone cannot start their day without a cup of favourite coffee, someone needs their lucky pair of shoes and someone’s eyes become to shine when looking at extraordinary design stationery.

Japan is famous for offering safe products which combine excellent quality and functionality.

Today, we’d like to add some cheering cuteness to a pen - a simple but indispensable item we use every day.

Vivid colours and eye-catching shape will help you to notice your pen and not lose it like many others before.

The pens are usually offered in sets so you can brighten someone’s day by sharing this adorable accessory.

They also can be offered as a gift on some gathering or celebration, as a small prize or a souvenir.


A baguette, croissant, pizza slice and hot dog design pens are equipped with magnets so you can easily attach them to the fridge or any other metal surface.

You can choose a set of 8 cute ball pens or a large set of 12 ball pens

Another portion of total cuteness with dotted ribbons and butterflies 12 pcs.lollipop ball pen set

Light and easy to hold they are perfect for young ladies.

Metallic gloss and accurate shape makes these pens look like real screwdrivers!

You can order a set of 12 pcs. screwdriver design ball pens with blue ink to surprise your friends or colleagues.

There are also other offers of tools designed ball pens.

Looking real they will not remain without attention.

You can choose Wrench design ball pen set, Screw design ball pen set, Cutter or even Hummer

Pens of this Vegetable design ball pen set look so realistic that it is easy to confuse them with real veggies. Just imagine amazed glances of your friends looking at you writing an essay with a juicy carrot.

You can select green onion, ginger, garlic, red pepper, eggplant, carrot, cucumber, mushroom, asparagus and other “vegetable” you prefer here

You may also take a look at Barbeque design ball pen set, Green pease design ball pen set or Sweet corn design ball pen set

There is also another Fruit and vegetable mix ball pen set with magnets.

You can choose one of four sets consisting of four pens with magnets.

Car shaped ball pen set containing ten colourful ball pens would be a lovely present for a car lover.

Each set contains pens of different colours so you can even create a collection.

Another unusual item to your pencil box- Syringe design sharp pencil (pink) and Syringe design ball pen (red)

Carefully handcrafted and realistically painted Animal themed wooden ball pen set will become a pleasant gift for animal lovers.

The seller offers three sets with five different types of wooden pens.


Enjoy your shopping with ZenMarket!


Review| 11/01/2017 | Cute itemStationary